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A semicolon, or a colon with a comma, can replace a comma in the text and actually indicates a stronger separation. You may find it useful to know how to type a semicolon on the computer, as it is often used in texts. Plus, there’s nothing difficult about it because no complicated keyboard shortcuts are needed.

How to write semicolon on a keyboard

A notebook usually does not have a numeric part of the keyboard. Still, even on a laptop, the semicolon is really easy to make. Just find it in the top left corner of the keyboard. On some keyboards, you’ll see it shown there, but often you’ll only see a wavy line and a comma on this key.

How to write semicolon on a keyboard

How to write semicolon on a numeric keyboard

If you have a numeric keypad, you can type the semicolon using the ASCII numeric combination. Just hold left Alt + type the number 59.

How to write a semicolon on a numeric keyboard

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