How To Write/Type A Classic/White Smiley face Emojis on Keyboard- ALT + 1

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Emoji Meaning

Classic or white smiley face. The symbol appeared in the last century, not as an emoticon. Entered into use due to the presence of a colon and parenthesis on the keyboard. In modern systems, except for the eyes and mouth, cheeks and eyebrows can be drawn on a smiling face.

White Smiley Face was approved as a part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Smiley face emoji is one of the most used emoticons referred by many people simply as smiley. This is a text emoticon called white or classic smiling face and also part of the Unicode emoji symbols with the name as smiling face. You can type the white smiley face emoji using text short code. In addition, you can also use alt code shortcuts to type white smiley face emoji in Mac and Windows computers.

First let me explain how to type while smiley face emoji

White Smiling Face Emoji Shortcuts

Symbol Name White Smiling Face
Shortcode : – )
: )
: ]
Alt Code Windows Shortcut Alt + 9786
Alt + 0001
Alt X Word Shortcut 263A + Alt + X
Alt Code Mac Shortcut Option + 263A
HTML Entity Decimal ☺
CSS Value \263A;
HTML Entity Hexadecimal ☺
JavaScript Escape String \u263A;
Decimal 9786
Hexadecimal 263A
Unicode Point U+263A

Type White Smiley Face Emoji Using Shortcode

The easiest way to type white smiling face emoji is to use shortcode. As it is an emoticon, the shortcode will work on most of the popular applications like Facebook and Skype in addition to Windows and Mac documents.

There are multiple shortcodes smiley face emoji. Most popular and working options are to use colon + hyphen + right parenthesis. For example, :–). Other options are to use :) in Skype and :] in Facebook. Remember to use these shortcodes without using spaces. On Microsoft documents, the AutoCorrect option is set by default to type the smiley face emoji with the shortcut : ).

Typing White Smiley Face Emoji in Windows

  • Hold alt key and type 9786 keys using numeric keypad to type .
  • If you don’t have separate number pad on your keyboard, first enable number lock. Hold function and alt keys and then press 9786 using the numeric keys inside the keyboard layout (Do not use top number keys).
  • Search for Character Map app using Windows Search box and open the app. Change the font to Wingdings and find the smiley face emoji.
  • The easiest way is to press Window logo and colon keys together to open emoji keyboard. Type smiley in search bar to filter the emoji to find and insert smiling face emoji.
  • Press 236A + Alt + X keys together on Microsoft Word documents.
  • You can also use the Symbol utility by going to “Insert > Symbols” menu in  Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook to insert white smiley emoji.

Typing White Smiley Face Emoji in HTML and CSS

You can use the hexadecimal or decimal code points of the emoticon to insert on HTML documents. Similarly, use the hexadecimal code with any CSS selector as given below:

li:before {
   font-family:Bell MT;


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