Google Data Studio


Data Studio allows clients to create customized reports with Google’s advertising services data as well as extrinsic resources. It is free.


For users who want to expand their working space beyond Google Analytics’ data and dashboards, this tool presents Google’s monitoring solution. The data tools in this feature are noteworthy for their diversity, custom selections, live data, as well as user-friendly mechanisms (for instance, column positioning and table enumeration). Data sources comprise Google items (AdWords, Analytics, YouTube, Search Console, Sheets, etc.), database joiners, file input, and “community” linkages to famous advertising platforms.

Google Analytics 360 suite featured Google Data Studio for the first time. Google launched a free edition of the data studio up for use by people and minor groups. The feature during that time carried differences between the free and the paid editions, for instance, the number of reports that were allowed on a single account. Google launched the free, boundless data studio reports by the second month of 2017. Starting from that point, Google has consistently added new and valuable features and performance improvements in the free version.


official site: Google Data Studio


Cleanup Interactive:  Get the consultancy to develop the advanced Data Studio reports including:

Management reports:

It allows non-technical users to drill deep into your data.

Diagnostic reports:

It increases Organic Search Optimization, paid ads, and more.


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