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Domain Name refers to the section of an entity displayed on the Internet.


There are several stages of domains.

Models of the different stages are listed below:

  • Top-level (TLD) – .com, .net, .org, .Edu, .gov
  • 2nd-level – business, shopping, search (2nd-level may include letters, numbers, and hyphens)
  • 3rd-level – www1, www2, keyword (optional)
    NOTE – Ensure that your site resolves with or without www)

The determination of domain names is an important aspect to consider when performing business online. It is one of the initial complications that need resolving. A great domain name cannot assure prosperity, though it does have a beneficial (or adverse) effect on most of the factors involved in online business.

A “great” domain is easy to memorize and decreases chances for complexity.

If you tend to procure a name that can create doubt, then it is suggested that you secure the soundest modifications. It could consist of non-hyphenated and hyphenated variations with terms that are phonetically alike and generally misspelled.

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