A Lightning for Outlook layout can be assigned to which two options? (Choose two.)

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A Lightning for Outlook layout can be assigned to which two options? (Choose two.)

  • User ✅
  • Role
  • Profile ✅
  • Team

Correct Answers

User ✅
Profile ✅


With Outlook configurations, you can choose how your reps sync contacts, events, and tasks between Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce, or how reps can access Salesforce content from the Salesforce Side Panel in Outlook. With email application publisher layouts, set up your reps to create Salesforce records directly from the Salesforce Side Panel. To create Outlook configurations and email application publisher layouts from Setup, enter Outlook Configurations in the Quick Find box, then select Outlook Configurations.
Salesforce for Outlook configurations include settings for the data that Salesforce for Outlook users can sync between Microsoft® Outlook® and Salesforce. Administrators can create separate configurations for different types of users, and give users permission to edit some of their own settings. For example, an opportunity team might want to sync everything, while a manager might want to sync only events.
In addition, you can set up your users to create, view, and work with Salesforce records directly in Outlook from the Salesforce Side Panel. The side panel allows users to easily add Outlook emails, events, and tasks to related Salesforce records.

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