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Integrated data represented in the form of graphics, pie charts, bar charts, etc. is called Analytics. Analytics can be represented in various types of graphics and can be helpful in strategic planning. The key to better strategic planning using a graphical representation of integrated data is to consider all factors of analytics tools. Web analytics is an important tool in SEO strategy planning that processes the variable data and interprets it in easy-to-understand graphics. To obtain the maximum information, you should be able to read the results shown in form of graphs. Some of the best web analytics tools available online are Google analytics, getclicky, goingup, statcounter, onestat, and gostats.

Web analytics tools perform their task in three steps. The first is data collection, the second step is the interpretation of collected data and the third is its graphical representation in form of charts, bars, or tables.

The Benefit of Using Web Analytics for Your Website

The benefits of using web analytics tools can be obtained by effective web analytics management:

  1. Web analytics provide useful information to help make better strategies and achieve targets.
  2. The analysis of your SEO and marketing campaign data can be carried out efficiently by web analytics management.
  3. Every activity related to search engine optimization performed on your website and their results are logged by the web analytics tool. These logs are then interpreted to get insights into organic traffic, visitors, and conversion rate in graphical form. ROI can be significantly improved using this information.

Why Should You Choose KRCMIC for your Web Analytics Management?

KRCMIC has a Google Analytics certified team having several years of experience in the business industry. Our experts at KRCMIC perform analysis on your website using web analytics tools and provide you with optimized options to boost your conversion rate and return on investment (ROI). KRCMIC offers the following web analytics management services for your business website to reach its full potential in terms of SEO, CRO, and ROI.

  • Setting up goals
  • Filtration
  • Segmentation
  • Integration of AdWords
  • Keeping track of marketing campaign
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • Education and training of your in-house team
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Suggestions to enhance website
  • Information and insights on trends of user visits.

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  • I have huge overlaps into other areas of marketing. As you may know to become a successful in digital marketing, you must be familiar with each type of online marketing. But many sections of digital marketing overlap. PPC, content or PR, for instance, contributes to SEO. And you have to know what types of synergies they can create or how they can interact with each other (in positive and in negative way). As I had hand on practical experience with all areas of digital marketing I can provide you an expert advice.
  • My reputation is critical to my success, so I will never lie or over-promise. If your requirements are beyond my ability, I will recommend the best freelance designers / developers / marketers I know (and only those I work with in the past). And can even project manage them for you if necessary.
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  • This can speed up the delivery a lot and you will always get the high skilled expert for specific area. And what more – you are sure, the work you need will always get to the final state. As you probably know relying on only one person can sometimes be very tricky.
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