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We offer services in social media management to our clients. Social media is significant in attracting new business and expanding brand awareness. Marketing services and products is a hefty and time-consuming task. Our services include First-hand strategies to boost the customer base and social media presence of our clients. We rid them of their virtual worries to let them focus on the real deal!

Social media management does seem a trivial task, yet it requires time and a lot of it. Time is precious for our clients and we understand that. We’re here for you!

KRCMIC’s team is here to manage your social media marketing with significant experience in handling small and large enterprises. We’ll handle your social media and you’ll have enough time to RUN YOUR COMPANY efficiently.

Social media management requires a well-organized approach and an experienced hand to get you immense ROI.

Companies realize their need for a committed Community manager to help them boost their social media presence. The community manager is responsible for post creation and engaging the community on social platforms constantly to pitch the users.

We’ve got the right community manager for you. Our managers realize your business needs and engage the right users through vertical marketing and professional marketing strategies.

Even with no internet in the online world, the right experience at your side matters the most!

We’re a Certified Inbound Agency and Managing Social Media is our specialty

Social media management requires well-timed and appropriate publishing activity. Additionally, it requires performance tracking and constant strategy updating accordingly. KRCMIC has extensive experience in just all of that!

Our mechanism includes

  • Creating the right content strategy.
  • Publishing the content on social media.
  • Followers interacting with the content will be engaged and the media will be extended further through paid channels.
  • Weekly follow-up on content strategy, data point analysis, and modification will be done.

Our Social Media Management Strategy Includes

  • A Professional Social Media Community Strategist

A committed strategist will manage your social media.

  • Composing Social Media Content That Suits Your Branding & Style

We personalize the content to deliver your message and interact with the followers and customers in a highly professional manner, just like our clients are!

  • Social Media Outlet Analytics and Performance Reporting

We’ll keep a track record of the most rated posts; this will help us craft more posts like them.

  • Social Business Page Creation with Business details and Relevant Media

If you don’t have one, we will create a page for you and manage it afterward.

  • Aimed Social Media Campaign On All Social media Outlets

To increase the customer base, we’ll run social media campaigns on all platforms.

  • Services on All Social Media Platforms

We’ll create personalized posts will be created for all social media platforms.

Why to choose me?


projects delivered

for Czech and foreign clients.


years experience

in digital business.


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from clients.

My clients include some of the really big brands

Get these 2 big advantages on your side

Knowledge and profi approach

  • I am in the business for 13+ years. I have tried several executive and managerial positions. Run my own startups. Almost every problem you will face in your company or in your own business, I probably already had to solve in the past.
  • I will only ever recommend what is best for your business.
  • I have huge overlaps into other areas of marketing. As you may know to become a successful in digital marketing, you must be familiar with each type of online marketing. But many sections of digital marketing overlap. PPC, content or PR, for instance, contributes to SEO. And you have to know what types of synergies they can create or how they can interact with each other (in positive and in negative way). As I had hand on practical experience with all areas of digital marketing I can provide you an expert advice.
  • My reputation is critical to my success, so I will never lie or over-promise. If your requirements are beyond my ability, I will recommend the best freelance designers / developers / marketers I know (and only those I work with in the past). And can even project manage them for you if necessary.
  • I will spend time to understand you, your business and your requirements. For jobs that require more of my time I can work within your team at your offices either all the time or occasionally. For everything else I will schedule face-to-face or online meetings with you/your team. I use tools such as Asana, Skype, Viber to ensure communication is clear and projects run efficiently.

Team power of experts

  • As founder of digital agency I can reach any of our 20+ internal colleagues or 100+ certified external collaborators or proven subcontractors.
  • I also have a very wide network of contacts and most of them I know personally. So you are not limited only by my knowledge (as you know – nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something). I learned in the past how important is to know who to call or whom to ask. In case I hadn’t been able to find a solution on my own, in 99 % of cases someone from my contacts can help you or probably will know the solution straight away.
  • This can speed up the delivery a lot and you will always get the high skilled expert for specific area. And what more – you are sure, the work you need will always get to the final state. As you probably know relying on only one person can sometimes be very tricky.
  • Also my team can easily handle also big projects where you need professional, synchronized and well coordinated team of experts.
  • In addition, we offer flexible prices. We are not too expensive, but also not having the lowest prices on the market :-). However we primarily work for large corporate companies and organizations, small business can still afford us too – if their project is meaningful, we can adjust prices to client’s needs.

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