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Hi, my name is Michal Krčmář. I am digital entrepreneur currently based in Prague (Czechia). I’ve been working on websites and delivering online marketing campaigns as a commercially-focused freelancer since 2006 for big prestigious brands, worked in-house for many years as consultant, manager or director and run several own startups. I founded / co-founded several companies with annual turnaround around $2+ million. When I am not actually working on my business I try to constantly pass on my broad experience through seminars and online training, I also organize company trainings and workshops.show more


Here you can find "briefly" summarized my career path. For more details I recommend to visit my LinkedIn profile (which will probably contain the latest updated information).


Aug 2022 - present



Together with our 4 business partners, we founded a company dedicated to renewable resources and we help clients with the sale and installation of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps.

Aug 2020 - Sep 2021


E-commerce Director

Covering all marketing activities for Czech, EU and US market with one humble goal – we would like to build one of the most famous fashion brands from the Czech Republic / Czechia :-).

2020 we finished with over 30 % increase in annual revenue and in 2021 we would like to get close to 80-100 million CZK.

Feb 2019 - Nov 2020


Content Director

  • Strategy, vision definition and operations management of whole content department.
  • Managed digital budgets for all content for 200 000+ products (product descriptions and parameters, photos, other visual content) of Alza.cz and all his language mutations (forecasts, revenue and costs monitoring).
  • Staffing and managing a internal team of over 35 regular employees and external team of industry-leading contributing experts (300+ people) and hiring of multinational content expansion team.
  • Timely handling of newly launched segments for language version of Alza eshop.
  • Identifying digital requirements and execution of agreed digital solutions.
  • Identifying areas for improvement and their execution (CRO, UX, sales etc.).
  • Working closely with sales and marketing teams to ensure traffic and revenue targets are met and exceeded year-on-year.

Nov 2017 - present



I have setup my own company focused on providing water analyses all over the Czech Republic region for B2B and B2C sector. In first year we had 2 000 000 CZK year after 10 000 000 CZK turnaround and in 2020 we reached a new milestone – 10 000 served and satisfied customers.

Nov 2017 - present



With 2 of my colleagues we started to provide housing for cryptocurrency mining machines. Our data centers are built from the ground up to meet the specific power and cooling needs for mining. We also provide crypto mining machines maintenance services including the transport to the service center and their transport back.

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Education & Courses

Apr 2021 - Apr 2022


ID: 76154009

I finaly found out some time to finish online courses for Google Ads Search Certification (ID of the license: 76154009). The certification is valid for 1 year, so next year it is time to do it again :-). I don’t think it is very important, but you know – the repetition is the mother of wisdom.

So at least I have the confirmation that I am doing everything right and did not miss any important feature in PPC I manage for my clients. I am also trying to have regular weekly sessions with Google Ads Specialist from which sometimes I get valuable advices and insights (but in most cases it is useless honestly compared to invested time – sorry guys :-)).

Apr 2021 - Apr 2022


ID: 54903624

When I was finishing Google Ads Search Certification, well it was right time to finish also same thing for display network. And here it comes – Google Ads Display Certification (ID: 54903624). It is also valid for 1 year.

Apr 2021 - Apr 2022


ID: 76135383

I was working as web analyst since 2012 and this Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) was first certification I really wanted to finish (and I did in 2014). In that time it wasn’t for free as it is now and materials were also quite limited (there weren’t people like Simo Ahava – and if they existed, well I did not know them :-)).

So long story short – this certification has ID: 76135383.

Apr 2021 - Apr 2022


ID: 76151542

One of the very last certifications I have finished in this beautiful month over the weekend in 2021 – Google Ads – Measurement Certification.

Nov 2018 - Dec 2020

Online course from Hubspot about social media content, strategy, monitoring etc. Certification is here.

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Why to choose me?


projects delivered

for small and big clients all over the world.


years experience

in digital business.


positive reviews

from clients.

My clients include some of the really big brands

Get these 2 big advantages on your side

Knowledge and profi approach

  • I am in the business for 13+ years. I have tried several executive and managerial positions. Run my own startups. Almost every problem you will face in your company or in your own business, I probably already had to solve in the past.
  • I will only ever recommend what is best for your business.
  • I have huge overlaps into other areas of marketing. As you may know to become a successful in digital marketing, you must be familiar with each type of online marketing. But many sections of digital marketing overlap. PPC, content or PR, for instance, contributes to SEO. And you have to know what types of synergies they can create or how they can interact with each other (in positive and in negative way). As I had hand on practical experience with all areas of digital marketing I can provide you an expert advice.
  • My reputation is critical to my success, so I will never lie or over-promise. If your requirements are beyond my ability, I will recommend the best freelance designers / developers / marketers I know (and only those I work with in the past). And can even project manage them for you if necessary.
  • I will spend time to understand you, your business and your requirements. For jobs that require more of my time I can work within your team at your offices either all the time or occasionally. For everything else I will schedule face-to-face or online meetings with you/your team. I use tools such as Asana, Skype, Viber to ensure communication is clear and projects run efficiently.

Team power of experts

  • As founder of digital agency Onlineandweb.com I can reach any of our 20+ internal colleagues or 100+ certified external collaborators or proven subcontractors.
  • I also have a very wide network of contacts and most of them I know personally. So you are not limited only by my knowledge (as you know – nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something). I learned in the past how important is to know who to call or whom to ask. In case I hadn’t been able to find a solution on my own, in 99 % of cases someone from my contacts can help you or probably will know the solution straight away.
  • This can speed up the delivery a lot and you will always get the high skilled expert for specific area. And what more – you are sure, the work you need will always get to the final state. As you probably know relying on only one person can sometimes be very tricky.
  • Also my team can easily handle also big projects where you need professional, synchronized and well coordinated team of experts.
  • In addition, we offer flexible prices. We are not too expensive, but also not having the lowest prices on the market :-). However we primarily work for large corporate companies and organizations, small business can still afford us too – if their project is meaningful, we can adjust prices to client’s needs.

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